The New Zealand Sport Collective (NZSC) is a ground-breaking collaboration between more than 30 sports, created and brought together by Rob Waddell and Whakaata Māori.

About the New Zealand Sport Collective

The New Zealand Sport Collective (NZSC) is a group including National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) and event organisers which have come together to achieve greater funding, participation, and social outcomes than they could achieve individually.

Specifically, the NSOs and event organisers have pooled their broadcasting and sponsorship rights across their events into one programme and point of delivery. Events happen all year round, in every part of Aotearoa and connect with all types of Kiwi. Every sport has its own community and when they are all brought together, they represent one of the biggest groups in New Zealand sport.

About Whakaata Māori

New Zealand’s national indigenous media organisation, Whakaata Māori (formerly known as Māori Television), promotes, revitalises and normalises the Māori language by taking a digital-first, audience-led approach in the delivery of educational, entertaining and engaging programming.

Whakaata Māori has developed a strategy based on inclusivity. Many of their shows are bilingual, in both Māori and English, the majority are subtitled and there is something for everyone to enjoy

Whakaata Māori showcase free-to-air, online and on demand content in a range of formats across multiple platforms including television, website, social media and mobile phone apps. 

Visit Whakaata Māori to learn more. 

About the exciting new partnership with NZSC and Whakaata Māori

  • Collectively NZSC has created the School Sport Series, a collection of over 30 National Schools Championships, which happen around Aotearoa and are broadcast on Whakaata Māori, Māori Active and the Whakaata Māori youtube channel
  • Sport is an area where Māori thrive – Māori rangatahi between 5-17 years old have the highest participation rate in competitive physical activity of all core New Zealand ethnicities (European, Māori, Pacific and Asian)
  • There is a strong skew to rangatahi in the programme’s audience for the events
  • Sport contributes to the health and wellbeing of all generations
  • The programme provides the opportunity to collectively support and inspire rangatahi success
  • Increasingly the emergence of te reo Māori is being seen and used by teams and athletes – by partnering with NSOs and event organisers that continued growth can be promoted with te ao Māori, tikanga Māori and te reo Māori further embedded into events

Positive social good from the Schools programme

NZSC’s goal is to generate significant additional funding and resource through the programme to go directly to low decile schools for the purposes of coaching, transport, equipment, and removing other barriers to participation. It is our belief that every child in Aotearoa should be able to afford to participate in sport. To date, we have generated $2 million cash provided by sponsors which has been committed directly to decile 1-4 schools throughout New Zealand.

Apollo Projects & NZSC

NZ Carbon Farming & NZSC

Whakaata Māori & NZSC

Some of the positive outcomes of the partnership with Whakaata Māori

  • Through this partnership, Te reo me ōna tikanga Māori value is growing through reach and education as a national part of New Zealand’s identity
  • Sporting partners have greater access to te reo me ōna tikanga. Every sport now has a plan and briefing prior to each event
  • Due to the accessibility and free to air platforms, Kiwis are more engaged with rangatahi through whānau and their love of sport
  • Whakaata Māori is connecting to the heart of a wider audience and it weaving in key Māori themes
  • Whakaata Māori is supporting all these grassroots events and reaching smaller communities throughout Aotearoa who might not otherwise afford the cost or time of attending events.


Announcing our exciting partnership with Whakaata Māori

Rangatahi sport in New Zealand sport is set to get a massive boost thanks to a ground-breaking grassroots sport initiative launched by Whakaata Māori and Olympian and former America’s Cup sailor Rob Waddell.

More than 30 National Sports Organisations and rights-holders have come together to form the New Zealand Sport Collective, led by Rob Waddell.  Their rangatahi events will be broadcast live on Whakaata Māori, Māori Active and the Whakaata Māori youtube channel. These platforms will showcase the best of rangatahi sport and Aotearoa’s rising young talent.

Together, our goal as the New Zealand Sport Collective is to inspire rangatahi in sport and to help reduce the barriers for young people participate in sport in Aotearoa




Follow the action!

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Sports that will be featured on Whakaata Māori

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