The New Zealand Sport Collective (NZSC) is a ground-breaking collaboration between more than 50 sports, created and brought together by Waddell+Associates.

The New Zealand sport sector has a proud history of successfully working together in the high-performance arena – our sports share information and build the collective knowledge to benefit our high performance athletes on the world stage. This collaborative approach has inspired the New Zealand Sport Collective.

Together, our goal as the New Zealand Sport Collective is to grow the reach, engagement of all sport in New Zealand and help reduce the barriers for young people to participate. We will align with and support the many excellent initiatives by a variety of organisations already in this space. Ultimately, we also want to support the sector to build commercial value and sustainability. Together, a more diverse range of sports – the women’s game, non-traditional codes and our promising youth – will have the chance to share their stories, be seen in competition, and help to inspire more Kiwis to play and succeed in sport, their way.

Charter on the Broadcast and Sponsorship of School Sport in New Zealand

For many years before NZSC involvement, national secondary school sporting events have been broadcast, including live streaming by individual event organisers via public & private platforms. Broadcast allows minority NSOs to showcase their sports so that other students can see and be inspired to try. It allows families and schools to support their children from afar if they cannot afford the time or cost to travel.

We are very aware that the broadcasting of younger sportspeople (secondary school level) needs to be treated with particular care.

Whereas previously there were no agreed standards or best practise guidelines for the broadcast of school sport that was taking place, the NZ Sport Collective has worked with School Sport NZ for over two years as well as other stakeholders such as Sky and Sport NZ to develop a set of broadcast standards and guidelines for all secondary school sport events on Sky Sport Next.

The Charter sets out standards and principles to positively influence the broadcast environment and promote the needs and wellbeing of secondary schools and their students. These include focusing on Age Groups 15 and over, clear opt-out procedures, backed by School Sport NZ and all NSOs, for all event broadcasts, and commitment to promoting equitable coverage.

The Charter has been unanimously endorsed by all NZSC sports with secondary school events, and has the support of the School Sport NZ Board. We believe this initiative is a great outcome from the partnership in protecting students’ wellbeing.




New Zealand Sport Collective update

Three months down the track from our launch of the ‘Sky Sport Next’ free to air YouTube channel with Sky, we’re firmly established and proud to have brought together a world-first sporting broadcast collaboration that has proved to be popular and sustainable.

Here are some of our highlights so far:

  • Our sports have produced more than 500 pieces of content for Sky Sport Next, ranging from Olympic Qualifiers & World Championships to National Championships across many grades. Sky Sport Next content has attracted more than 500k viewers. For many sports this is their first time on a major platform.
  • All content on Sky Sport Next continues to be free to air, giving access to all sports fans, and new reach and exposure to some of our most popular grassroots sports and rising talent. We’ve given a voice to some highly engaged sporting communities, as evidenced by the high viewer numbers for events like NZ Secondary Schools Touch (74,747k total) and Athletics Secondary Schools Track & Field Champs (51,527k total). Sky Sport Next YouTube channel subscribers have exceeded 6,500 and are growing consistently.
  • We’re proud to be showcasing sporting achievements that previously didn’t have a major platform, such as:
  • We’ve given exposure to some of New Zealand’s highest profile athletes competing on the domestic scene, where previously this would not have been broadcast. Athletics is a great example – we live streamed competition from the Porritt Classic on Sky Sport Next, where Dame Valerie Adams qualified for Tokyo 2020, and Julia Ratcliffe broke the NZ hammer throw record. And, last weekend’s Sir Graeme Douglas International was the first time a New Zealand athletics event has been shown live on TV (Sky Sport 9) in more than 25 years.
  • For more than 18 months we’ve worked really closely with School Sport NZ, a board of 12 principals representing all the secondary schools of New Zealand, to create a new standard for the sponsorship and broadcast of sport to protect the health and wellbeing of our youth.
  • The commitment shared by NZSC and Sky to equality in broadcast continues, with an even split of male and female content, and a breadth of sporting events that represent Kiwis from all walks of life.

Together, the New Zealand Sport Collective is on track to become a major set of sport broadcast rights in New Zealand. We’ve been really chuffed with the positive feedback we’ve received from sports so far on the exposure they’ve gained via Sky Sport Next, and we are proud to be building something really special and of value for all our partners. We’re highly motivated to keep working on behalf of the Collective to grow the value and maximise what we can achieve together. One comment made to us that really stood out was: “The real opportunity with Sky Sport Next is adding a professional edge to the sport through broadcast, and the potential for sponsorship. Even a few thousand dollars could go a long way.”

If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to check out Sky Sport Next – please subscribe to the YouTube channel to show your support and follow your favourite sports. Check out some of the most popular videos so far below:

We’d also love you to check out our new social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) – please follow us to keep up with all the action!

Lots more to come, and I look forward to updating you again in a few months’ time.


Announcing Sky Sport NEXT

New Zealand sport is set to get a massive boost thanks to a ground-breaking grassroots sport initiative launched today by Sky and Olympian and former America’s Cup sailor Rob Waddell.

More than 50 National Sports Organisations and rights-holders have come together to form the New Zealand Sport Collective, led by Rob Waddell.  Together, they will be part of Sky Sport Next, a platform designed to be a launching pad for some of New Zealand’s most popular grassroots sports and rising young talent.

Through Sky Sport Next, New Zealanders will get free access to watch more than 50 different sports and thousands of events, many of which wouldn’t have otherwise been live streamed or made their way to a leading platform.

The events will be streamed, and highlights packages available, on the Sky Sport Next YouTube channel and some content will be broadcast on Sky Sport, Sky’s sport streaming service Sky Sport Now, and Sky’s free-to-air channel Prime.

In particular, Sky Sport Next will shine a spotlight on Olympic pathway sports such as swimming, climbing, athletics and gymnastics, showcasing international home games and events not currently on Sky Sport, and National Championships across many grades.

In line with Sky’s commitment to support women in sport, Sky aims to have an equal mix of male and female representation on Sky Sport Next.

Sky Chief Executive Martin Stewart says: “As the Home of Sport in New Zealand, we’re about the whole game, which means all levels of sport – from grassroots to the elite. We’re keen to support all the sports that New Zealanders love to play and watch.

“We understand the importance of a sustainable future for New Zealand sport and are proud to be investing more than $10 million over the next three years to give over 50 Kiwi sports a chance to be seen and to grow. Sky Sport Next is a tangible way we can give back to our communities and support sports and talent that don’t currently get a lot of exposure.

“When Rob approached me with the NZ Sport Collective, after hearing about our efforts in the grassroots sports space, we jumped at the chance to be part of such a ground-breaking initiative. We look forward to working together and making a game-changing impact on the New Zealand sporting community.”

Rob Waddell says: “On behalf of the New Zealand Sport Collective, we are thrilled to be working with Sky on Sky Sport Next. The scale of our collaboration is unprecedented, and many sports that previously had little in the way of funding and exposure will now be seen on New Zealand’s most prominent sports broadcaster. Together we want to inspire more Kiwis to play sport, and work with sports codes to reduce the barriers for young people to participate. It’s an exciting era for New Zealand sport.”

Basketball New Zealand CEO Iain Potter says: “Being part of the New Zealand Sport Collective and Sky Sport Next is great for our sport. Basketball has been experiencing phenomenal growth for some time and this initiative will help continue that growth. This collaboration also recognises and validates the difference made by the supporters, players and parents, the helpers and the officials, who selflessly give so much to our communities.”

Graeme Maw, CEO of Canoe Slalom, says: “We are very excited to be part of this new venture, and the exposure and support it will bring to our sport from our growing schools programmes to our increasing international success. We look forward to fostering this partnership as we head towards hosting the Junior and U23 World Championships in our own backyard in 2021.”

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